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65% of B2B companies can’t find the right perspective due to a lack of the right data. We are widening the gap between what you do and what you can do with our data management services.

Our data analysts, quality managers and data collectors work every day to ensure that you don’t have to worry about finding the perspective that is right for you. Our data specialists will work with you to identify your goals and requirements and then tailor the database to your target audience.

Gone are the days when off-the-shelf data was purchased. It’s time to get more insight into your target market while making sure it’s exclusive to you. Without worrying your competitors might be using the same information with several online data platforms.

Use our data management solutions to translate your marketing strategy into efficient and aggressive sales.


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It is a technique that is quite new to get a complete picture of the technology applied in an organization. With a complete IT mapping, technology companies can position their offerings more easily. In addition, it is very important for any technology company to know its competitors customers.


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It takes pride in helping our clients expand not only locally but also globally to any country in the world. Many of our existing customers are global customers with international locations and we help them expand and market in all countries.

Whichever continent, country, state, city you want to target we can help you penetrate.


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Buy only what you need, as our ability to slice the database by choosing filters like Industry.
Industry Specific Targeting
Job Title Specific Targeting
MSP & Channel Targeting

Email campaigning

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It gets you a complete summary of your email campaign. All the metrics will be shared on real-time basis and you can watch the campaign as it goes live.
If you do not have the time or resources to run your own campaigns, we can help you send you email outs from our own proprietary DO Campaign Platform.

Let us know your target criteria!

We can customize data in terms of Target technology, Geography, Industry and many more..