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DatNex: A place where you can find the most accurate business data that can guide your marketing strategy and help you design and run targeted campaigns. DatNex ensures up-to-date and fully reliable B2B marketing data. Which is your most valuable marketing tool.

Lead Builder

Best B2b database providers: Lead Builder has the most active B2B data for marketers. Use your marketing wits to create your most successful marketing game plan.


Turn LinkedIn into a marketing goldmine. Get all your contact information with just one click to fulfill all your marketing goals. Why settle for a little less?


Here’s a communication tool that adds intelligence to automation. Strategically schedule outgoing messages & free up more time to execute marketing plans.

Database solutions

We have prepared and compiled our technology information database and continue to expand it to cover more than 13,000 technologies. We believe that we treat every project with exceptional professionalism and care.

How DatNex Works

Data Collection

Data Standardization

Data Verification

Data Segmentation

Data Enhancement

Why DatNex?

65% of B2B companies can’t find the right perspective due to a lack of the right data. We are widening the gap between what you do and what you can do with our data management services.

Gone are the days when off-the-shelf data was purchased. It’s time to get more insight into your target market while making sure it’s exclusive to you. Without worrying your competitors might be using the same information with several online data platforms.

Industry Specific Targeting

Industry targeting can help you promote business communications with industries that can serve as your future customers. You can find a complete list of industries and subsectors here.

Buy only what you need. DatNex can truncate databases by selecting industrial-like filters.

Job Title Specific Targeting

Here you can find the best titles for each department from the thousands of custom titles available from us. You can choose one of them or just tell us the keyword title and we will provide it for you.

Location Based Prospecting

DatNex is proud to be able to help our customers expand not only locally but also globally to any country in the world. Whatever continent, country, country or city you wish to target, we can help you penetrate it.

Msp and Channel Targeting

Knowing the right managed service provider (MSP) that exactly fits your channel partnership criteria and changing the game can be of great help. Especially if you want to expand into new markets through partners, distributors etc..

Technology Appending

If you’re a product or service company, your CRM already has a prospect database. However, this is less effective without the information in the bill. We make your data active and efficient by adding technology to use your company / account in your internal files. Each company is mapped with the help of technology.

privacy protection

Are You Looking Data Compliance?

Digital Market Analysis

Only with DatNex you can get for data exactly the way you want it. Customize and refine your criteria with the parameters of your choice. Within a time you will have extensive and reliable data from a dataset which we hold over 100 million B2B contacts. You can transfer the data to your marketing campaign as per your requirements.

Our Standard Customization


Researchers & Compilers

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Countries Covered

Fill Out To Know Your Targeted Criteria!

We can customize data in terms of Target technology, Geography, Industry and many more..